Google launches mobile app Datally to help users limit mobile data usage

Google has today introduced a new mobile application named Datally, which is designed to help Android smartphone users stay under the limits of pricey mobile data packages. The application, which is now available to download via Google Play, seems to be targeted at developing countries.

The application lists data consumption by app and enables users to shut off data transmissions by apps of their choosing. It also provides a directory of nearby Wi-Fi networks that includes user commentary on their quality.

The offering is the latest from Google‘s Next Billion Users division, an internal effort to make internet services more accessible to people in countries where technology infrastructure is not as fast or affordable as in the United States or Western Europe.

Talking about this new mobile application, Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next Billion Users, Google, said in a blogpost:

Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world. And what’s worse, it’s hard to figure out where it all goes. That’s why we built Datally, an app that helps you to control, save more and do more with your data. We’ve been testing Datally in the Philippines for the past few months, and people are saving up to 30 percent on their data.

Lately, Google has been focusing on developing countries where the data connectivity has not reached to many people or where the amount data consumption is an issue. Previously, Google had launched a peer-to-peer payment app named Google Tez aimed at Indian consumers and a low-bandwidth version of YouTube.