Google Photos gains auto-brightness prompts, more archive suggestions

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At Google, I/O developer conference Google announced a bunch of features for its apps. The new features are rolling out in the apps. One of them is the ‘auto brightness’ and ‘archive suggestions’ feature in the Google Photos app.

More details about the features:

Auto Brightness

The Auto Brightness feature automatically adjusts the brightness of the pictures having low brightness. This feature is very impressive. After the feature is applied to the photos, a copy of the original photo is saved. To use this feature, you simply need to tap on the desired screenshot or photo, resulting in a prompt at the bottom of the screen.

Archive suggestions

Archive generally means the collection of documents or photos. Archive suggestions feature helps you archive the photos like a receipt, journey details, menu etc which can help you in the future.

Along with both these features, one rotating feature is also there which helps you to rotate those pictures which are in the wrong orientation.

A ‘color pop’ feature has already been added to the app a few days ago. We expect more features to soon arrive.


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