Google releases Android 11 Beta 2, final version coming on September 8

Google releases its Android 11 Beta 2 on Wednesday, it has been made with few of the bug fixes. Throughout the new Beta build, some small changes have been made. In one of the events, Google officials also declared that on September 8, it would release Android 11 for the users.

While a Smart Home Summit presentation on “Hey Google” on YouTube, one of the captions revealed the official release especially for the Pixel devices.

Release notes have been posted by Google on the Android Developer site about Android 11 Beta 2. The new fixes feature a fix on the problem of the keyboard, where it was getting hindered and also gesture control behavior.
No longer has distortion of audio been done on loudspeakers, and there were some issues with the control of the volume when users use to set the phone on vibration.

As far as Beta product is concerned there are some major bugs still to be fixed. For all the developers Android 11 Beta 2 brings platform stability and has the latest optimizations and fixes on bugs. The release is very much suitable for testing, general use, and development. Still, Android 11 is in an active development phase, so the users can face issues while working.

With old versions, Android 11 ensures changes that have been made to improve the life of battery, performance, privacy security, etc. In some of the situations, apps can be affected until it is updated. In general most of the apps will function normally.


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