Google reportedly making its own AR headset


Google is reportedly developing an augmented reality headset powered by a Qualcomm chip.

More about the AR headset:

The headset is in the early stages of development with Taiwanese computer maker Quanta. The headset, which is said to be ‘Google A65,’ is similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality device. It isn’t solely clear whether or not the processor will probably be a present chip that Qualcomm makes or a brand new, distinctive processor only for the A65.

The A65 will most probably be offering a wi-fi revel in. It will enable you to put on the headset and stroll freely around your own home,  and even outdoors. The rumor is that the A65 processor will be based mostly on the QSC6O3, which is particularly for “Internet of Things”. The QSC603 supports up to 2,560 x 1,440 resolution (WQHD), 1080p and 1030p video capture, 3D overlays and rendering interfaces OpenGL, OpenCL and Vulcan, along with Gigabit wireless, Bluetooth 5.1 and GPS. It also supports the Android Neural Networks API. The outlet also claims the device will include an array of cameras and microphones. Though, their purpose isn’t entirely clear at the moment.

A65 could prove to be a tough competitor to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Google IO 2018 just recently passed by without any hint toward the company’s AR hardware ambitions. However, it’s always possible that this headset could make an appearance at Google’s big late 2018 hardware event.


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