Google Rolls Out Dark Mode For Gmail On Android

Google along with Android 10 has introduced a system-wide Dark theme last week. Although, not many Google apps support Dark mode as of now. Gmail for Android has started receiving the new mode through a server-side update.

Dark mode on Gmail for Android:

Dark mode on Gmail for Android can be accessed by users running Android 10 on their phones.

  • Go to settings,
  • Select the “theme” option,
  • Chose between light, dark and a system default option.

Gmail now has three options: Light, Dark, and System default

The Dark option will turn the background of the Gmail app dark grey, along with all the inbox folders.

Everything in the app, including avatars and labels have been appropriately tweaked to be less bright and more muted on the new Dark mode. “A red accent colour is still leveraged to note what inbox you’re viewing. Other elements like the search bar use a lighter shade of grey to provide a better visual distinction.

Bad Points Of Dark Theme:

According to a reports via 9to5Google, Gmail’s dark theme also extends to the compose screen and messages. The body of an email leverages white text, signatures can be harder to see.

The Version 2019.08.18.267044774 of Gmail is required to apply the new Dark mode. It is rolling out via Play Store today.

Gmail joins Google Fit, Photos, Keep, Drive, Chrome, Calculator, and more to the Google dark-themed apps list. This should make the end-user experience on Android 10 much better.


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