Government considering to ban laptops from check-in baggage on flights

It’s highly unlike the fact that, in the upcoming days, the big PED’s Personal large electronics devices from the check-in bags because of the ruckus that may cause due to a large battery. As in the luggage cabin, everything goes un-noticed and it becomes difficult to let off the fire, which may cause catastrophic damage to the flight. However, the passengers might feel slight discomfort, as, according to the new norms one can only carry luggage up to 7 KG’s in the cabin and usually laptops weights around 2.5 KG to 3.5 KG, which might consume half the luggage quota allocated by the airlines.

This new law is being taken into the consideration, where, a few days before a Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone caught on fire, and the cabin crew took the precautionary measures to let off the fire by placing the phone in a bowl of water (fire extinguisher didnt work at all).

Internation Aviation agencies have started to consider banning big PED’s, as, India might also follow the suite. Currently, items like power banks,  e-cigarettes, and portable mobile chargers are already been banned in the check-in luggage. Last year, when few Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones caught fire, the aviation agencies around the world completely banned carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as a matter of fact, the device is still in the blacklist and carrying such a device will land the owner in jail with series imprisonment.

Here is a case study conducted by the ICAO (UN agency):

“FAA fire safety branch conducted 10 tests utilising a fully charged laptop computer inside a suitcase. A heater was placed against a lithium ion cell in the battery of a laptop to force it into thermal runaway…. it was concluded that if a PED is packed in a suitcase with an aerosol can and a thermal runaway event occurs, there is the potential for an aerosol can explosion…. (In some cases) the fire suppression system of the aircraft is then compromised, which could lead to the loss of the aircraft,”

As these new rules might discomfort you for a bit, however, as its a matter of life and death these news laws will have their own added benefits.