Huawei debuts IoV with OceanConnect IoV

Huawei has released its “OceanConnect IoV” (Internet of Vehicles) platform that will enable digital transformation for automobile manufacturers. The Huawei IoV platform supports hundreds of millions of connections and millions of high concurrent connections to ensure secure and reliable connectivity for vehicles. The “OceanConnect” platform helps automobile manufacturers control digital assets through the separated structure of data and business.

The Huawei Connected Vehicle Solution is enabled by the OceanConnect IoT platform. It provides services based on Huawei’s global public clouds or on joint clouds with operators. The OceanConnect Connected Vehicle Solution aims to help the digital transformation of car manufacturers. Using the OceanConnect IoT platform, the vehicle data is transmitted to the cloud in a secure, reliable, and efficient manner. Vehicle-oriented digital assets are generated to open to a variety of upper-layer applications.

The Huawei Connected Vehicle Solution provides various APIs to help application developers reduce development costs, meet flexible service customization, and launch new services rapidly.

How it is made?

Partnership with FAW Qiming: Huawei has provided FAW Group Corporation with the Connected Vehicle Solution based on the OceanConnect IoT connection management platform. Huawei constructed the Connected Vehicle platform using the cloud, pipe, and device system architecture to meet the service transformation requirements of FAW Group Corporation. The Connected Vehicle platform integrated IoT, cloud computing, and big data technologies to support Connected Vehicle application and construction and a fast service rollout.

What is connected cars and IoV?

A connected car is a car that is equipped with Internet access, and usually also with a wireless local area network. This allows the car to share internet access with other devices both inside as well as outside the vehicle. Often, the car is also outfitted with special technologies that tap into the internet or wireless LAN and provide additional benefits to the driver.

In recent years, IoV (Internet of Vehicles) has become one of the most active research fields in network and intelligent transportation system. As an open converged network, IoV plays an important role in solving various driving and traffic problems by advanced information and communications technology.

The early functional connected vehicle cannot meet the varied requirements of car owners around the world for different applications and customized mobility services. This results in a low customer renewal rate, higher construction and operations costs, and a low assembly rate. In general, without a unified platform, different vehicles have to access different service platforms.


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