Huawei will stop providing boot loader unlocking codes


Huawei devices are one of the simplest devices when it comes to unlocking bootloaders. By visiting their official website, creating an account, and inputting your phone information, Huawei will provide an unlock code for your device. However, an announcement from Huawei was released on May 24. It stated that this service would not be available for any devices released after this date.

Huawei’s Announcement:

The bootloader unlocks codes are what allow users to do many things. These things are like install TWRP (a custom recovery), using flashing custom ROMs, and get root access. Not giving out unlock codes essentially makes the devices useless for developers.

It is striking that this announcement is produced in a somewhat silent mode. This was done shortly after the brand itself removed the downloads page of the official firmware for their smartphones. It is clear that Huawei now stands on the side of preventing users from “touching” the software of their products.

However, this move won’t affect a majority of users.


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