Inbox by Gmail now supports iPhone X notch

Google has finally updated Gmail app for iPhone X, after over 8 months of release of iPhone X. The app that supports Apple’s top-end variant is 144 MB in size.

Inbox by Gmail has received 13 updates since November 2017 and none of them included iPhone X support, but that changes with the 5 July update. Earlier the app had black bars at the top and bottom, but it does not in its latest update. According to Google’s release notes, no other new features were included in the update.
The app offers you a feature called ‘highlights’, which displays the information from the email without even opening it.

Gmail for Android last month got an ‘unsubscribe tips’ feature, which gives users tips on how to unsubscribe to newsletters. The new feature shows on the home screen of the app, and features an ‘Unsubscribe’ button that enables unsubscription with a single tap. Earlier in June, Gmail for Android received customizable swipe actions.

Gmail for iOS the same month received an update that introduced smart notifications for high-priority email. The feature uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to sort out important messages from the rest.

Google has been working on redesigns for many of its apps. It has redesigned Gmail to make it more clean and user-friendly. The Google Home app, which was previously known as the Google Chromecast app and the Google Cast app, will soon see an overhaul in the design to match the Google’s Material Design theme.


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