Instagram adds mute feature; allows users to ignore updates from selected profiles

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The demand for adding a mute option in Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram was from a long time. Now at long last, it seems that it is adding the option to mute people from appearing in user’s feed. According to some reports, with a new update rolling out soon users will be able to choose to remove someone’s posts, or both their posts and their stories, from appearing on the user’s app main screen. The user will still be able to view the muted person’s profile. Users can also unmute their friends anytime when they want. The person to whom the user is muting on the app will not be informed that they have been muted.

Whats new with the new “mute” feature of Instagram:

This new feature was long overdue. While users can easily unfollow someone if they don’t like their posts. This is not always a realistic option as users cannot unfollow a close relative just because they don’t like their post even if the relative really deserves it. Now with the new feature users will be able to choose to mute the offending profile. This will also help the user to preserve any IRL relationships.

Social media networks are mostly slow in adding mute features as it will restrict the number of contents. Most of the social media networks rather want to display as much content to the user as possible. But with time users add more and more friends on the social media networks and thus their feeds increases by manifolds. Now adding a mute button will be far more respectful to the user’s actual relationships.


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