Intel announces IoT-specific variants of 11th gen processors

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Intel has made specific variants of the upcoming 11th gen, especially for IoT devices.

The discussions in Intel Industrial summit 2020 saw that data and its processing will migrate to the edge in the future. So keeping that in mind Intel has taken this step.

The special variants made up will be extra-low-power variants of Tiger Lake CPUs with features such as Deep Learning Boost, although they retain Thunderbolt 4 and PCIe 4.0 support. The upcoming 11th gen processors will have the Xe graphics with 4 cores and TDP of up to 28W.

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11th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics.jpg:

They will be capable of supporting up to  4 4k/60fps HDR or 2 8K/60 fps SDR monitors.

Therefore, they may be more able to drive modern displays rigs or machine vision, both of which may be informed by AI.

There is a complete article on the upcoming Intel Tiger lake 11th gen processors. You can go and read its features, new additions, cores etc etc. The Intel Core for IoT processors will have the E suffix named with it. For example i7-1185G7E, i5-1145G7E and i3-1115G4E. Intel has also released industry specific SKUs, named as i7-1185GRE, i5-1145GRE and i3-1115GRE.


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