Jack Dorsey looks to revamp Twitter app, bring more advertisers

After Jack Dorsey, returning back as the CEO of Twitter has bought back the company to its actual form. He is making the company to invest more time in micro blogging and trying to bring in more advertisements to Twitter.

After the CEO came in, within two weeks, the company saw raise in their revenue profit. The share of the company rose to 12 percent. If this amount of work that Twitter is doing keeps going, then Twitter can soon again become a rivalry to Facebook. The company is badly working on making new products. They have to try different ways to attract users and increase the usage of Twitter. The company was working on making a feature that was similar to Snapchat’s feature that allows user to post the videos easily but then dropped the plan after almost working for a year.

There are reasons why the CEO came back.  “They need leadership that can make tough decisions and keep the ball rolling,” says a former employee of Twitter. “There are a lot of times when Jack will instead wring his hands and punt on a decision that needs to be made quickly.”

The company has no shortage of ideas, the challenge to Twitter has been to know the exact requirement of it’s 330 million monthly users. “it kills me that Facebook is ahead at getting to local news than Twitter,” Josh Elman, a partner at Greylock Partners and former product manager at Twitter said. He had built a product at Twitter to help users find local Twitter accounts in 2010. The company has to work really hard on bringing changes in Twitter to get back to become the top social media platform again.