Made in India smartphones : The inside story

Many smartphone OME’s like Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, and other major smartphone brands have started playing with some new trick called Made in India smartphone under Modi’s aspiring Make in India programme.

So, what are these made in India smartphones and what does that means to the end users and to our country lets find out.

Behind the scenes:

Made in India smartphone is the biggest scam name that has been seen recently. The term Made is used for those it was constructed everything from top to bottom, however, what happening in India is all the smartphones that are available in India are assembled in India. So, literally, these smartphone manufacturers are importing semi-assembled components and assembling in India, so, it does make more sense to call them as assembled in the India, which grammatically makes more sense.

So, these smartphones brands are paying patriotic card to sell their devices and to save some money on the import duty of the devices, as the individual parts cannot be taxed as the fully assembled smartphone. However, this is going to change in few years and one can say that this might be a stepping stone for making 100% made in India smartphones in the near future.

What are the challenges?

The major challenges are about manufacturing complex chipset, motherboards and other microelectronic components, which requires state of the art facility to manufacture these components with accurate impressions. So, even though many smartphone OEM’s have set up state of the art research and development centres across the country, however, there aren’t many manufacturing technologies, which requires a lot of money and infrastructure. As companies have already set up their manufacturing chip level components, the only time where we can expect to have the upgraded technology, then the companies might consider China, as now we have international connectivity and a highly efficient workforce and cheap labour compared to China.

So, to conclude, one day in the future we can have a smartphone which offers battery, display, motherboard, back casing, and PCB made in India.