Microsoft, Electronic Arts working to bring console level gaming to mobile

Electronic Arts

E3 2018 is about to officially start in Los Angeles from Tuesday. So the major game publishing companies are holding pre-E3 press events. Microsoft and Electronic Arts also hold a pre-E3 event to tease about their plans. In the pre-E3 press conference they tease about their plans of working together to bring console level gaming to mobile. The company plans to do so through a game streaming service. This service will be offering console-level gaming to mobile, smartphone and other devices.

Electronic Arts game streaming service:

In the press event EA Play on Saturday, CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the company will be offering a way to stream it game library to smartphones. He also confirms that the company will also offer its streaming services to low-hardware laptops and other devices in future. The EA Play event starting from Monday in Los Angeles. In the event, the company will be offering live demos of companies cloud-based game streaming service. According to EA CEO Wilson, the game streaming service is not yet ready to launch. But the company will be showing this service at its event. The company is however, yet to reveal details about the pricing and launch date of the service.

In May, an announcement by EA confirms the acquisition of the cloud technology assets and personnel of the GameFly service by the company. This was the same team which was able to develop technology to stream PC games to smart TVs. This technology was also allows to stream PC games to Amazon’s Fire TV devices. So, it is most likely that the company will use the same technology for developing its own game streaming service.

Microsoft’s Xbox head Phil Spencer confirms its plans to work with company’s cloud technology to stream games with console graphics quality to any device. Microsoft has been develop game streaming technology from several years now. Now, it seems that company just found a perfect partner to fulfill its plans.


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