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Microsoft officially puts an end to Windows 10 mobiles

Microsoft officially commented that the OEM is no more interested in the Windows 10 mobile platform and no new hardware will be announced.

Microsoft, the brand that killed Nokia, is also ready to end the Windows 10 mobile operating system support (both software and hardware). Recently, even the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates switched to Android platform, which makes it more prominent about the future of the Windows OS powered smartphones.

Due to the small user base, it has become hard for the developers to code for the Microsoft Mobile platform, and the company even tried to give incentive to the developers from its own pocket, but that didn’t work as well.

With just 1.3 percent of smartphone market share, Microsoft really couldn’t do anything to save its product in front of Android and iOS (64 percent and 34 percent). The main thing that didn’t work out with the Microsoft mobile OS is its app eco-system, where the most dominant titles, which were available as a free upgrade were not present in the Microsoft mobile operating system, which forced the users to divert either to Android or iOS platform.

Though the Microsoft mobile OS started along with the Android counterpart, the phase in which it was going in the begging with Lumia 510, 610 for the entry level, Lumia 710, and 810 for the high-end variant from the house of Nokia were some of the best smartphones at that time. However, as the time passed by and the glory of the Android and iOS started to boom, app developers shifted to those platforms, which paid them handsomely. As more and more smartphone makers adapted to the Android platform (free), the Microsoft mobile OS ($10 per device) manufacturers simply didn’t like that they have to pay for the software as well, and it made them shift into the alternative option available.

At that time, the Android operating system was not the best operating system available, but, now its the best operating system preferred by BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, in one world except Apple, all the major smartphone manufacturers choice is Android.

So, if you own Windows 10 powered smartphone, then the company will push security updated until 2018, however, it will not add any new features or no new hardware will be added to the portfolio. If you are using a smartphone powered by Microsoft, then switch to iOS or Android before it’s too late.

What do you think about this? Do you think Microsoft didn’t put much efforts to make their smartphones as good as their competition or its the curse from Nokia? Share your views in the comments below.

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