Microsoft’s top scientist hacks healthcare system

In the previous year, CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella had assigned a task to the research department of the company NExT to work of the most important technologies of today’s age and implement on the health care sector. And the team was able to achieve that task.

Microsoft comes up with a tool for Azure cloud platform service that puts in the computational part to find out the gene analysis for precision medicine, specifically for cancer. “There’s no sign of which way is the right way, and you could swim really far in any one direction before realizing you were going astray.” NExT head and VP Dr. Peter Lee said when they werent sure of the outcomes.

This is going to be a joint research between Microsoft and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Microsoft is said to work closely with patients. “We appreciate that Microsoft is investing in genomic research and that they took the time to understand and appreciate our unique mission at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: finding cures and saving children,” St. Jude CIO Keith Perry said.

Microsoft is also announcing its expansion with other partner driven services. Microsoft and India’s Apollo Hospital are teaming together for system that is based on artificial intelligence. It will tell the patients risk of having a heart disease by the given patient’s data. The company has also teamed up with UPMC for project Empower MD. This will be a tool by which doctors will be able to take notes of a patient.