Motorola Moto G6 : Review, Features, Specifications, Price in India


Moto G6 is the successful successor for the last year’s winner of the best budget phone and 6 reliable review awards. It sits between a series of three new Motorola smartphones. These smartphones provide the perfect combination of functionality and affordability. For a shade less than £ 220, you will find 5.7 inches full HD + screen, face and fingerprint unlocking, USB-C fast-charging, dual rear camera and in addition, an all-glass-and-metal design. You also get a phone that looks great to catch and run the great software. But, these two things are also missing on this price on excellent phones.


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The current smartphone trend, Moto G6 has an 18: 9 screen ratio. It means that the screen is longer and compressed than before. It is great for watching widescreen movies or TVs, and also comes from a design perspective; A wide phone is harder to operate the taller one. While packing a very large screen, the  G6 is slim compared to its predecessor.

It seems that Motorola has also increased the quality of content. The G6 plays a metal frame that is sandwich between the screen and the curved, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Previous Moto G equipment had homes that are mainly plastic, and when they are fine, then G6 feels much better.

A well-sized Bevel Power button sits on the side, and it is surrounded by a clickable volume rocker. Below the display, a USB-C port and headphone jack have a long and thin fingerprint scanner/home button and a slightly unnecessary Motorola logo.

The 18: 9, 5.7-inch IPS LCD panel is longer than Moto G5. FHD to FHD + has been slightly stretched to fill additional space resolution. In this size, you are unlikely to see the difference between this and a QHD + touting display. unless you do super-close, that is – and we still see the OLED panels actually affected at this end of the market will not be able to do.

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It makes an extensive reproduction of high-resolution images and videos, which have different pixels that are impossible to spot. Combine it with super-wide display and Moto G6 is great for watching Netflix and YouTube. It’s the fastest screen around; Whether you want to enable auto-brightness or manual jack, it’s surprisingly good to see angles.


Moto G6 comes with Qualcomm’s latest mid-range processor, Snapdragon 450, Adreno 506 GPU and 3GB RAM (4 GB in some areas, but not in the UK or the US). This is a step from the Snapdragon 430 processor of the previous year and the G5 and cheaper Moto G6 Play. The display is appropriately reliable: call quality is good as a microphone, And 32 GB of storage has been included in a large amount of MicroSD support to increase the storage needs and NFC for Google Pay. There’s even a headphone jack – something of an innovation in 2018. Bluetooth is made on version 4.1 – You have to fold for the Moto G6 Plus for Bluetooth 5 – but I had no problems with the Bluetooth headphones.

The device is running Android 8.0, so you will benefit from features such as picture-in-picture multitasking, great auto-fill support for passwords, and better notifications. Moto has so many records updated in the past, and the fact is that it is launching with 8.0 instead of 8.1, I do not believe that we will see a quick update when the hit on Android 9 later. year.

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3000 MAH is about the universal battery size – whether it is a mid-range device or even £ 600 + flagship, sits with this size cell with Moto G6 Galaxy S9 and HTC U11, and when A large unit is always welcome, battery life is here. Another good inclusion is the USB-C, most flagship phones now do USB-C packs, but many of them do not have the cost of this cost. This may mean that your old charging cables have become obsolete, though; But USB-C is a more robust connection and it’s far easier to change because it is inverted.

Price in India

Moto G6 costs $234.99 in US. We will keep you updates as and when we have an official confirmation on the device pricing in India.


The G-Series is Moto’s best selling line and in fact, the brand’s top-level device is not enough to stand against competition from Apple, Samsung and others, the G6 actually offers a compelling package. Do not expect a device that is a £ 220 phone that completely writes your expectations, but you do not expect that  should phone with most of your work done easily

Be the typical adhesive point of a budget phone: the camera is ‘Meh’ and the display is a tendency to become inclined. However, my experience with the phone was not really wasted, and these issues are likely to be addressed by Moto G6 Plus. Plus offers improvements in the processor and camera – and, of course, increases the price.


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