New beta update for Google Maps adds new features

Google Maps

Last week at the Google I/O 2018 developers conference the tech giant Google unveiled its plans to update Google Maps. Now it looks like some exciting new features have made it into the test versions of the app. However, these new features are currently available for a select group of users only. The new beta version for the app named as v9.78 is now beginning to roll to the beta channel. The new beta updates will bring few visual tweaks and some cool new features. One of the main features is the custom lists that will show the places that the user have visited.

Whats new in the beta updates for Google Maps:

The new update now includes a progress bar in the header. It will show users how many destinations on that particular list have been visited by them. Further going down the list there will be markers showing when the user last visited all of those places. The new update also makes some visual tweaks to the settings screens of the app. Now the divider lines from the settings screen have mostly been removed. However, these lines are still available on many other screens throughout the app. Now there is also a big indent next to each item, which will look like a perfect amount of space for an icon. However, no icon has been added for any item.

Most importantly the new design seems to be removing the full-screen location information page. This page appears when a user swipes up for more details after tapping on a business. Instead of that now a smaller card is revealed, that takes roughly one-third of the screen. Now the pictures of the selected location appear on the top half of the new card, while the bottom half will feature the practical directions and contact details that a user may need.


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