New design patent from Vivo shows new Quad Selfie camera

Vivo is working on Quad selfie camera

Vivo smartphones are known for the best selfie camera apart from the hardware. Vivo is a Chinese smartphone company that was founded in 2009. The company is known for its camera filters and designs. There are so many variants of Vivo smartphones at affordable prices. Recently, Vivo has filed a new design patent for a new selfie camera and display. According to the patent, Vivo is working on a Quad selfie camera for future smartphones.

The new patent designs were filed at CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). The designs were first discovered by Tiger Mobiles. The company has registered two new designs :

Vivo quad camera design

The first design shows 4 cameras in the four corners of the screen and the second design shows two cameras at two top corners of the phone. Whats’s special in these designs is the camera placement while managing the punch-hole display. Vivo has always been coming up with unique camera designs. Before this design, Vivo presented the first phone with a dual pop-up camera.


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