Nexus 6 device getting Android 7.1.1 update

Nexus 6

The Google’s Nexus 6 had been a long-running phone. The phone was originally released in the year 2014. However, last October seemed to mark the end of software updates for the device. The phone was not seeing any major Android upgrades since 2016. However, Google continued to roll out security updates for the device until 2017. Now in 2018 and somewhat surprisingly a new update seems to be rolling out for the smartphone. The new build after the update is N8I11F. However so far according to some reports, there is only a change in the baseband. The Android version is still Android Nougat 7.1.1 and still, the phone is having October 2017 security patch.

Whats with new update for Nexus 6:

Based on various reports around 5 days ago the update was first seen rolling out for the device. The size of the update varies from 344 MB to 911 MB. The new update may not include many changes at all despite the size. However, the new update has also been linked to a previous problem.

Some of the reports also suggest that this update could also be the last Nexus 6 update that the users will see.


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