Nokia 3310 3G version is not coming to India

Nokia recently launched a 3G version of legendary 2nd generation of Nokia 3310. However, the bad news is, the device might not be available in India for the number of reasons.

Reason One: Literally there is no market for the 3G feature phone in India. In Indian now one will consider either a 2G feature phone or 4G feature phone with 4G LTE  and VoLte capability. So, the company has scrapped the plans to bring the 3G version of the Nokia 3310.

The 2nd generation Nokia 3310 that is available in India is priced at INR 3,000, which doesn’t offer even half of the features that are offered in the JioPhone which just costs INR 1,500 rupees. According to Nokia India spoke person, the company knows that the JioPhone is going to shake the industry with its offering, but, Nokia is playing a safe game here, and if the market demands, the company is even planning to launch a version of Nokia 3310 with 4G LTE capability. However, Nokia should also include features like third-party app capability, at least basic ones like YouTube, Facebook and a powerful web browser to make it a great feature phone.

This might be a great deal, but, if Nokia prices the newer version of Nokia 3310 priced at INR 3,000 or higher that doesn’t make any sense, as there are many smartphone vendors in India, which offers sophisticated Android smartphones at the price range of INR 3,000 to INR 4,000 rupees only. What do you think about the Nokia’s stand? If they plan to launch a 4G enabled version of Nokia 3310, share your views in the comments below?

Here is the official product statement from the Nokia India regarding the issue:

“JioPhone is definitely going to have impact on the segment, and there is no question about it. We are watching how this materialised. If we see a viable business proposition, we will definitely consider it and participate.”