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Nokia 6.1 is a high grade of the budget phone similar to Moto G5. Nokia is back and it is now making Android phones. In fact, its one of the most popular low-cost Android phones in 2017, Nokia 6 remained hugely popular across the globe. Now, the company has launched its successor, the new Nokia 6.1 (2018), which Nokia 6 (2018) or simply “The new Nokia 6”. 6.1 looks like its predecessor and feels it is made of metal. It houses 5.5-inch screen, provides slim looks, and runs on Android One, which is a clean Android for future updates.

Nokia 6.1 Display

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Nokia 6.1 has a Full HD IPS LCD screen of 5.5 inches and it does not look great. Display quality is probably the biggest deal that you make with Nokia 6.1. Although we are not bothered with a little bigger around the screen and begging down, we found that this display has a very noticeable blue tint and this color has been carefully washed. Unlike other phones, there are no separate screen modes to choose from, so you’re stuck with the default settings.

You also get a noticeable speed haze, we do not know whether it is due to a low fresh rate or some other issues. Let’s be clear: the screen is not terrible. It’s just that the rivals have pushed the envelope to the highest screen at this price which looks better and this performance is not equal to that high standard.

Nokia 6.1 Performance & memory

Nokia 6.1 is an Android One phone, which means that you get a clean, “pure” version of Android OS no bloatware, and with the expectations of future updates for faster performance. It’s a good thing: this is a continuous, flat content design in the clean build of Android. Also, it runs surprisingly smoothly and responds to your tap and gesture.

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Nokia has confirmed that for official listings for the Nokia 6.1 in the United States. We mistakenly take the wrong number for RAM and storage. Nokia 6.1’s U.S. Versions will be sold with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

The device chip works with Nokia 6.1 at a steady pace with the app and provides performance for the gamer. Of course, this is not prominent, so you should not expect a record-breaking performance, but 6.1 certainly meets our middle expectations and more than that. You get 32 GB housed storage on this device, and some of them are actually available in 18 GB. It’s a little bit on the lower side, so we’re happy that the built-in storage is getting expand Via MicroSD card.

Nokia 6.1 Processor & Camera

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In the Processor Department: 6.1 runs on the new and more powerful Snapdragon 630 chip. While, Snapdragon 430 chips were included in the previous year’s handset.

Nokia 6.1 has a 16-megapixel camera which is behind the device and his accept Ratio F/2.0 lens. Moreover, it has 8-megapixel wide angle front camera. Snapdragon 630 has an Octa-Core CPU in which eight Cortex A53 Cores are running at 2.2 GHz and 3 GB RAM on the board. You can start the camera app by pressing the power/lock key and the camera app itself is a remarkable addition to a dual camera shooting mode, where the display splits into half so that you can take a picture or video in front or with And behind the camera. There are only two other camera modes: Select Panorama Mode and Pro Mode, where you can manually focus, white balance, ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation values.

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  1. Nokia has always been the beloved brand which provide durable products with satisfactory after sale services. Nokia 6 is also really very good phone by performance and design.

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