Nokia 8 Sirocco Review : The premium offering from HMD Global


Nokia Grace down companies in iPhone world was not big enough to be a jerky reminder that no one failed. The latest release of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, however, is demanding the company to reconsider seriously; In the last decade or more, Sirocco is the top ten phone for a qualified challenger in the market.


Let’s start talking with sirocco design, A dual curved P-OLED display is extracted from LG, a sleek and sexy device that has a significant upgrade to the standard Nokia 8 on the previous fall (it did not have “Sirocco” moniker), which has Chunky Bezel which make it Look out of hilarious form with other top Androids on the market. The Bezel of Sirocco has been reduced to a great extent, and when it is relatively larger than the world’s Samsung and LG, see the picture above, the handset looks very sleek.

Source: CNET

“The back of the handset is made of glass; It supports wireless charging and IP67 water-resistant. I really like that the power button and volume rockers against the edges of the device are completely trapped, it actually looks like a piece of a phone. However, the SIM tray on the left side of the device is incorrectly wrong on my review point. The chipset is now a Snapdragon 835, which is technically a late down on the specs sheet, but the truth can be said that 835 is still stronger enough in 2018.6 GB RAM helps, but in the end, the phone runs smoothly because it runs on Android One, a platform dedicated to running “stock Android“. Stock Android software is completely unmodified here, unlike the Pixel series, unlike Android versions, you get almost all other phones.”


Source: Pocketnow

There is a dual camera set-up on Sirocco’s German Optics brand Carl Zeiss (12-megapixel main shooter and 13-megapixel telephoto lens), and they work quite well. The camera app is easy to use, and the phone has a good “live box” mode, which creates an area of more natural depth than the more aggressive Bokey phones, such as the Huawei P20 Pro. At night, photos of Sirocco seem respectable but there is no clear level or two below the output of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, iPhone X or Huawei P20 Pro. More noise, less clarity, and generally less light.

“Surprisingly, 2x zoom produces medium photos that are easily blurred if you are not quite stable. I do not know why the phone had a 13-megapixel telephoto lens if zoom shots are common.”

Sirocco is very good. I really always like on-display (which displays third-party notifications, unlike Huawei), and the format of the phone But one hand is difficult to use, and about € 749 in Europe or around RS 50,000 in India (the phone is not on sale in America), its price is not in any person’s land area.


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