NVIDIA will power Continental’s self-driving car platform: says reports

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia.
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Continental, a renowned German automotive components producer have joined hands in collaboration with NVIDIA to design and manufacture a full scale automatic/self-driving car platform. The German maker will use NVIDIA’s autonomous vehicle hardware and software setup termed as ‘DRIVE’ to make an integrated and unified platform which will aid prospective automakers and others in building their own self-driving cars.

The renowned GPU maker, NVIDIA will provide the Xavier chips, OS (operating system) and the desired software from its DRIVE suite, while Continental will contribute its security certification and trust features like know-how along with its own radar, LiDar and designed camera products. Both companies are looking forward to their integrated platform to provide clients with Level 2 autonomy(smart cruise control) like Tesla’s Autopilot feature to Level 5(full self-driving capability without steering implements).

Continental is far from NVIDIA’s first autonomous driving partner as the renowned GPU maker also partners with likes of Toyota, Audi, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz to revolutionize this car segment and throughout the year 2017 there were news release related to agreements. The company even approached Chinese tech giant Baidu to collaborate on different self-driving projects for easy steering based autonomy.Just like all the companies in an agreement with NVIDIA, Continental isn’t a newcomer to the field either! Last year itself, they planned a test with Canadian auto parts manufacturer Magna in an attempt to be the first autonomous car trip across the US-Canada border.

Let’s see what these two giants have got to offer !