Nvidia’s next-gen gpu may have 12 GB GDDR6 RAM

NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce 20 family of Volta GPUs featuring GDDR6 memory is set to debut early next year.

SK Hynix confirmed with Gamers Nexus that its GDDR6 memory will be ready for mass production in three months for use in several upcoming Nvidia products. If true, this would put the rumored GeForce 11 series launch right around July – but more likely later in 2018.

Hynix did not mention any specific graphics companies by name nor did it make mention of any specific products that will make use of its new GDDR6 memory modules. Although, NVIDIA’s upcoming Volta graphics architecture will be powered by GDDR6 and AMD’s mainstream Navi GPUs will likely make use of the same memory technology.

About GPU

A Redditor named “dustinbrooks” uploaded the prototype. While that original post has been deleted, it claimed that the board was an in-development Nvidia graphics card that was undergoing testing. However, the ambitious chip seems to be far from completion as it lacks some essential components, including the GPU core.

The board has a 384-bit memory bus, which, when taken together with the 12GB memory, delivers a total memory bandwidth of 672 GB/s, outperforming both Nvidia GTX 1080Ti and AMD’s Vega 64.

After guessing the size of the GPU core that is nowhere to be seen in the picture, it could be assumed that it would be a successor of Nvidia GP102 core, which is currently found in 1080Ti.

The graphics beast would suck more electricity than any consumer GPU around, suggests TechPowerUp as the image shows three 8-pin power connectors on the board.


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