Qualcomm registers a lawsuit against Apple in China

It looks like Qualcomm (Snapdragon) is not at all happy about the biggest smartphone brand Apple. As they also bragged about the same on the launch of iPhone X and now on the selling of multiple variants of iPhone in China. According to the latest information, Qualcomm has sued Apple for an unknown amount for the following reasons.

According to Qualcomm, Apple is misusing the three patents from Qualcomm and the according to the company, the iPhones are using this technology to improvise features like power management and force 3D touch capability.

  • ZL200580031592.2 – Efficient signalling over access channel
  • ZL01809657.3 – An apparatus for retransmission of signals in a communication system
  • ZL200380108677.7 – Method and apparatus for data transmission on a reverse link in a communication system

Considering these developments, even the Beijing intellectual property court as accepted the Qualcomm’s case. Though there aren’t any direct benefit to  Qualcomm, the company can negotiate with Apple to further extent regarding the Apple’s lawsuit against the Qualcomm for a whopping 1 billion dollars.

So, the chipset manufacturer has requested the court to ban the Apple production in China (cheapest labour in the world) which will cause a lot of unemployment and the halt in the smartphone production will also create a lot of chaos and will the iPhone enthusiasts will go for the alternative smartphone brands.

This is not the first time that they are banging against one another, in fact, the companies will always be against each other from very lot time. If we look at the actual figures, Apple is paying 18 dollars per smartphone and additional 5 percent of total iPhone sales as the royalty to Qualcomm.

As Apple has started assembling their smartphones in Bengaluru, it should not be a bigger problem after many years, as by that time, the company can develop complete supply chain based in India. So, what do you think about this cat and dogfight? on which side are you in this war? Comment your views in the comment box.