Samsung is the reason for highly priced iPhone 8 Edition

After learning the fact that, the next generation iPhone will cost around $999 (INR 65,000) for the entry level variant, one might ask questions like, how can a brand raise its bar from $700 to $1000 within a year? As years pass by, technology should get cheaper right?

However, this is not just to make the heavy amount of money, instead, it all started with Samsung. According to the legit sources, the next iPhone will feature a OLED screen instead of their normal IPS LCD screen. Currently, the only supplier that has the ability to mass produce AMOLED/OLED is none other than Samsung.

According to KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple was getting its displays for $45 to $55 per piece, now Samsung is almost charging thripple the amount $125-$130. This is the main reason to raise the price bar.

Considering Apple going for the new powerful chipset, new body material, motherboard, RAM, storage, cameras and not to forget their R&D and advertising will easily increase the price. This doesn’t mean, Apple is not making any money out of it. In fact, the OEM will make more profit compared to the last model.

Apple yearly sells around 200 million pieces of iPhone along ( they have, iPad, Mac, and iPod as well).

Why OLED display?

There are multiple reasons for this, as Apple is planning to offer a bigger display in a small form factor (having an iPhone 6S Plus display in iPhone 6S). As the design becomes compact, the battery capacity will also decrease. Due to the energy efficient nature of the OLED (usually, consumes less battery than the IPS or TFT screen) the device will work fine even with the slightly smaller form factor.

Presently, only Samsung has the capacity to produce high-quality display at a preposterous scale. However, this will change over time, as Apple is planning to partner with LG to produce OLED screens from 2019.