Samsung W2018 takes lead with a 12 MP F/1.5 aperture camera

This year, when LG and Huawei launched their flagship smartphones (Huawei mate 10 and the LG V30), the first thing that we caught our attention was the main camera with F/1.6 aperture (a smartphone photographers dream come true situation). This aperture has a very important role in the low light photography. Once again, as a surprise, Samsung has unveiled the best low-light shooting camera on a mobile platform via their newest retro flagship smartphone, the Samsung W2018 Flip-phone.

Build and design for the Samsung W2018 flip phone is one of the bonus factors. The smartphone maker is using a zinc alloy biaxial hinge which is offered in two premium colours (Platinum and Gold). Except for hinge, the smartphone uses Corning Gorilla Glass. The USP for the device is the D-keypad, which takes the device to next arena and only less than 1 in a lack will have a smartphone with this form factor.

Keeping this aside, an aspect of the Samsung W2018 are in line with the today’s standard. In fact, we would like to call this smartphone as the beauty with brain. However, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea and the main logic behind this remark is the form factor. For a 2018 smartphone, the device looks from past days. However, one with a high-profile job and who always travel in LIMO as this smartphone is designed to showcase class and prosperity instead of a larger touch panel.

The Samsung W2018 is officially announced in China, however, the brand hasn’t published the actual date and the valuation of the smartphone. We can guarantee one this that (from previous endeavours), this device not retail anything less than $1000 price mark what so ever. So, the device is likely to head to head against the Apple iPhone X.

Opening the tech specifications with the display, the Samsung W2018 flip-phone offers a dual 1080p Super AMOLED panels, which are known for their colour accuracy and battery loving nature. Though these displays do not offer a curved edge the S series and Note series, these are for those who like a compact smartphone. Samsung does know who is the boss when it comes to Android mobile processor and without any gaffe, the choice is the top-of-the-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-core Mobile Solution, this highly efficient cum powerful chip is partnered with 6 GB LPDDR4x RAM.

On to the storage, a user can opt for an extreme edition or a collector edition. The underlying difference these two models is the storage. The extreme edition offers a 64 GB onboard flash storage, whereas the collector’s edition offers a whopping 256 GB onboard flash storage.

The camera on the Samsung W2018 is much profound. The maker has designed a new 12 MP shooter with a variable aperture, when there is a plenty of light, the smartphone can go down to F/2.4 aperture, however, as the light intensity decreases it can narrow down to a F/1.5 aperture to offer noise-less clear images. The main camera does offer OIS with 4K video recording capability, due to chipset level compromises the video recording tops at 30 frames per second. For the selfie camera, the device offers a 5 MP shooter with F/1.7 aperture.

Samsung W2018 uses a 2800 mAh Li-ion sealed battery with fast charging capability via USB type C port. of course, the smartphone does offer a 3.5 mm headphone jack. With respect to operating system, the device runs on a divaricated version of Android Nougat and the Android Oreo update are on company’s future cards. This device does include a dedicated Bixby button (the Samsung’s version of Siri) and it triggers the lady (Bixby) in no time. On the contrary, there is no information on the IP certification what so ever.

The smartphone maker has tied up a deal with China Telecom (China’s leading network provider), so, this device will be exclusively available with the company’s plans. Additionally, the company makes this offering a truly premium by offering free software fixes, dedicated customer service hotline and complimentary repairs.

At the time of the construction of this article, there is no official information on the pricing and availability of the gadget. However, this device will cost at least 2X iPhone X for sure.