Social Media: Curse or Blessing?

Like coin has two sides, social media has also two sides. For some, it has more of a positive aspect but for some other it is negative. Let’s decode both the sides for a better understanding.


1. Social media has given us the power to connect many people with whom we have lost contact. It helps to keep in touch with friends and family who lives far away from us while just sitting in our home.

2. Social media gives us a platform to raise our voice against bad doings and reach out to so many people. Likeminded people can find themselves and don’t have to alone thanks to social media.

3. Social media even helps many people to find jobs, encouragement to pursue dreams and many options. With social media, there’s no limit.


1. Coming to the negative part, to start with there are many fake profiles that deceive people and often leads to cyber crime. Be it cyber-bullying or a scam, the growth of cyber crime has increased by lapse.

2. Addiction to social media has ruined many lives. It messes with mind and the constant urge to be popular or be online is very affecting the youth generation and teenagers. They learn bad things and mostly come in contact with wrong people and trust them.

3. Following the trend without realising what is right or wrong. People often follow other people blindly and believe their opinions without thinking once.

Whether social media is a blessing or a curse or a curse in disguise of a blessing depends on the users of social media

Cover Image Credits : MarketingLand.