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Tinder introducing one-to-one video chat on platform to engage users during lockdown

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 many social media apps are introducing new features that help their users to stay in touch. Now, dating platform Tinder has introduced new features for its users. It is introducing a one-to-one video chat feature in the app.

However this feature will be available for the users later this year. In a press, statement company says” Social distancing has required adaptations and pivots and has impacted our business because the manner in which singles engage with our products and start relationships has quickly evolved. We know that singles are adjusting their behaviors, and many are shifting to having dates virtually via phone or video”.

The company said this during their earnings call. Also, they mentioned that 70% of Hinge users said that they are happy with phone or video dating. More than 94% of the users agreed on virtual dating. With these opinions from the users, the company has decided to bring video chat features into its app. The company said it will quickly roll out this feature. Their technical teams are working to bring this one-to-one video chat feature soon to all its dating platform.

Earlier, Tinder had launched a feature called ‘Passport’. This feature enables users to change their location to any other city without actually moving there. This feature was free for users till April 30.

The Tinder Passport Feature is available for Tinder Plus and Gold subscribers. The sent an android and iOS update around March 26 which included this new Passport feature. Users can search the city by typing manually or by pinning the city on the map. The main intention of this app is to create a conversation between people who are living in self-quarantine.



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