Tips to get best photos this Holi with Apple iPhone X

This Holi season should be memorable with some of the following pro moments-capturing tips with Apple iPhone X. The Apple iPhone X’s comes with a different level of advantages when it comes to covering any particular event in a photoshoot. On this occasion of Holi, here’s how the Apple iPhone X camera to fully help you capture the best moments in this fun-filled festival.
Capture normal images where people can be seen playing with colors from a height, basically, your balcony at first floor or roof would be just as great. Shoot details like the arrangement of powder, food and other decorations rather than capturing random shots. Last but not the least, candid shots of two people or a small group of people throwing powder at each other would be just as great.
Travel photographer Ashish Parmar says,

“Apple iPhone X’s front-facing camera supports Portrait Mode, adding a depth-of-field effect that puts your face in sharp focus against an artfully blurred background – making for a stunning selfie. In order to achieve this, go to the Camera app and swipe to Portrait mode. From there, make your Portrait mode images even more captivating with studio-quality lighting effects.”

After taking a selfie with Live Photo turned on, selecting the image in Photos followed by a swipe reveals Live Photo effects like loop and bounce. That’s where from you get some motion in your selfie!

Post photo shoot period, tap Edit and choose from Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, or Stage Light Mono. The effects can go from subtle — making sure the subject’s face is well-lit when they are in shadow — to dramatic — the Stage Light filter makes your subject look like they are spotlit against a dark background. Portrait mode is good to get some stunning backgrounds and detail on a person’s face or an object.

Need a frozen moment to be captured? You get he option of Burst mode on in that case. With the Burst mode, you can capture 10 frames in one second and later on choose from the perfect picture of your choice. iPhone X brings a great OIS stabilization technique which diminishes the blurring effects in poor lightning conditions in both rear as well as front cameras.

Throwing holi color powder or mixing of colors in the air are best shot on Slo-mo video. Like there is no superb stability in iPhone X like it is in Pixel2, it is strongly recommended to use a tripod stand or a stationary stable holder to give the best stabilized captured shots or clips in slow motion.