Top 10 Best Android Apps to try this week (May 21)

10 Best Android Apps

There are a ton of apps in the Play Store, some of them have new and cool features. While most of these apps are just repetitions of previous ones. So, we have sorted the apps available on the Play Store and picked up 10 Best Android Apps for this week. Another week and another weekly round-up of the best apps that any user should try. Here is the list of 10 Best Android Apps for users this week:

1. Horizon Explorer (ARCore):

The first app on our list of 10 Best Android Apps for this week is Horizon Explorer. Horizon Explorer is an another ARCore app. It means it is an Augmented Reality app. When the user will point their smartphone camera at a village, landmark or a lake, the app will tell them at what they are aiming their camera. The app also tells users the distance, altitude and location of the village or landmark on a map. Users can easily identify nearby monuments, landmarks, lakes, etc. The app may not have much of a functional purpose but it will be useful when the user is travelling to unknown place. The app is really fun to use. Horizon Explorer will work on any device that supports Google’s ARCore support. It is also available for free n Google Play Store and does not contains any advertisements.

2. Dragon Ball Legends:

Dragon Ball Legends is a new mobile game for both Android and iOS devices. The game has been actually expected to launch on Android before iOS. Dragon Ball Legends is currently available under coming soon apps in Play Store. It is basically a card collecting game with fighting mechanics similar to the Tekken fighting game. Users use cards to do their moves in the game that will help them to damage their opponents. The game features online PvP, a campaign and some upgrade mechanics. Dragon Ball Legends also contains some items that are available for in-app purchases to enhance user’s gameplay experience. The game is available under freemium title.

3. Steam Link:

Steam Link is a new and powerful app offered by Valve Corporation. The app allows users to connect their phone to their Steam account and play games. Steam Link works a lot similar like Nvidia’s game streaming service. The app will allow users to stream the visuals on their phone while playing on their computer. The app also allows users to connect a hardware controller to their phone and play their favourite computer games from there.

4. Iron Thrones:

Iron Throne is a new and very exciting strategy game offered by Netmarble. The game also allows users to build their own kingdom as well. Users can build a kingdom, raise an army, and attack their enemies. The game features some different game modes for both Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) combats. Additionally, various types of building and leveling elements will keep the game fresh for the users a little bit. However, Iron Thrones is another strategy game that relies heavily on its online PvP combat. The game is a must play for those users who enjoy strategy games.

5. Adapticons:

The adapticons is another app in the lists of personalization apps. The app allows users to personalize their smartphone in a number of different ways. The app also allows users to create amazing looking icons for their phone’s home screen. Users can bring up a menu with their installed apps and then switch to an editor, where they can get creative and experiment with the color, size, design and shape of the icon. If a user wants to edit a few at once, the app gives them the option to do so also.

6. Splitwise:

The next app on our list of 10 Best Android Apps to try this week is Splitwise. Splitwise is best way to share bills and make sure that everyone gets paid back. Users can easily avoid the awkwardness and money disputes with this clever app. Splitwise makes it easy to track exactly how much the user owes, how much is owed to the user. Whether the user is splitting the bills with roommates or paying their share of a group gift, this app will help them with swift calculations, reminders, and real-time updates.

7. Goodreads:

Goodreads is the next app on our list of 10 Best Android Apps to try this week. If any user likes to read books, then Goodreads is a must-have app for such users. Users can use this app to easily discover new titles that they might enjoy, discuss meanings, post or read reviews about any book, and users can even compile a reading list. The app also includes a scanner functionality, that allows users to scan the bar code on a book they own and add it to their virtual bookcase.

8. Podcast Addict:

There are many great podcasts apps available on the Play Store that makes it tricky for the users to find and organize their favorites. Podcast Addict is a feature-packed podcast player offered by Xavier Guilemane. It features an enormous collection of podcasts and all the functionality that a user could want. Podcast Addict allows users to manage Podcasts, Radio, Audio Books, Live Streams, YouTube and many more such feeds from a single app. The app has more than 8 million plus downloads on the Google Play Store.

9. FilmoraGo:

The next app on the list is FilmoraGo. FilmoraGo is a pretty powerful video editor app that allows users to edit together videos on their Android. The app does not stamps any watermark or it also does not places any time-limit on user’s clip. The app goes beyond basics like trimming, adding music and transitions, and cropping, to include speed controls, animated text, and optional effects that users can purchase. It also strikes a good balance between features and accessibility.

10. Netflix:

Netflix is the next app on our list of 10 Best Android Apps to try this week. Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best video streaming services available for users. It is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on the phone. There is a huge selection of movies and TV shows for subscribers to watch on the service The performance of the app is also very silky smooth. The user will get a month of free trial on signing up the app for first time.


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