Top 5 best flagship smartphones of 2017 and their unique selling point

Happy new year folks, sorry, after the LG V30+ launch in India, the 2017 flagship smartphone calendar has officially ended. So, here are some of the best flagship smartphones and one feature that we liked about these smartphones.

We would like to start with the costliest mass produced smartphone, the Apple iPhone X: This smartphone has a lot of features that one can appreciate, the OLED display with HDR capability and 120 Hz refresh rate, the wireless charging, the dual camera setup, the bezel-less design etc. However, the one feature that is out of the box is the Face ID, yes you heard us right. Like every year, this year, the head turner is the Face ID, which replaces the Touch ID.

Why do we love the Face ID? Except for the fact that, the Face ID can be fooled by identical twins and a 3d printed masks, the technology used behind this feature is pretty interesting. In fact, it is much secure and faster than the Touch ID. Like always, people need time to adopt the new technology and the over the time, this will be solved which makes it much better over the upcoming days.

So, if you get an iPhone X, then you will enjoy this feature for the next few years and other smartphone manufacturers will try to implement the same. So, if you want to experience futuristic technology then Apple iPhone X is the phone.

The Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL are our next choice of smartphones. The smartphone has many interesting features like the squeeze to open Google assistance, in build song detector, stock Android user experience and many more. However, the head turner for these smartphones is the main camera. In fact, this camera has surpassed the Apple iPhone X’s and Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera setup.

The single 12 MP main camera scores 100 points on DxO Mark, a camera benchmarking platform. The single-camera uses a dual pixel technology that enables the device to capture a lot of details. The edge detection on the portrait mode is also the one of the best that we have seen in the recent years. Basically, the one of the important reason to choose Pixel 2 or the Pixel 2 XL will be the main camera with 4K video recording capability.

Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ is our third choice of our smartphone. The Phone has a lot of nerve. With state of the art design, IP68 rating against water and dust resistance. The phone does offer top of the tier specifications as well. The feature that made us “star struck” is the display.

The phones pack a top of the line 2K QHD+ Super AMOLED touch panel with 18:9 aspect ratio display. This is one of the best display that we have seen on any smartphone. The colour accuracy, resolution, and the technology is one of the best in the market. We would also like to mention the fact that, the smartphone does offer HDR capability via Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime videos.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will be the next smartphone on our hit list. In fact, the predecessor of the same introduced the taller and bezel-less display. The feature that amazed us about this device is the overall build quality and design.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is a one of a kind smartphone with no bezels on the three sides of the smartphone and narrow chin on the bottom. The entire body is made using Ceramic, which offers improved protection. In fact, if you are looking for a premium looking smartphone, then Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is the one.

The LG V30+ is the answer from LG for the other flagship smartphones. In fact, this is the perfect smartphone for those, who like to get a premium design and top of the line hardware. However, our favourite feature is the videography on the main camera.

Like most of the flagship smartphones, the smartphone offers a dual camera setup with 16 MP main camera with F/1.6 aperture and a 13 MP wide-angle shooter with F/1.9 aperture. The smartphone offers a 4K video recording capability up to 30 fps and offers vivid video shooting modes. Thanks to F/1.6 aperture, the videos come out to be crisp even in the artificial or low lighting condition.

The last smartphone on our hit list is the OnePlus 5T, the smartphone packs top of the tier flagship specifications. In fact, this is one of the few smartphones that offer up to 8 GB RAM and 128 GB onboard flash storage. The favourite feature of the OnePlus 5T is the Dash Charging.

This specific smartphone is the fastest charging smartphone. In fact, if we look at numbers the smartphone can charge from 0 to 100 in just 60 minutes. So, if you want to have a flagship smartphone with top of the line specifications under $500, then OnePlus 5T with Dash Charging is our recommended smartphone.

All these flagship smartphones have one key feature that distinguishes them from one another. Depending on your budget and price tag, one can go with any of these devices and at least for the next 12 months you won’t feel sorry for your smartphone choice.