Top 10 Technologies and Innovations for 2020


With every new year commenced, science and technology have their great share of innovations to offer. And trends which are creating an enthusiasm and a great zeal amongst the people. The Indian Wire has compiled a list of the trending top 10 technologies and innovations for 2020 to watch out for —-

5G Network 

This is one enigmatic trend which business have to adopt in the near future. The 5G is said to have various

5G Network

competitive qualities to it. That are will be able to support 1,000 fold gains in capacity, connections for at least 100 billion devices,  a 10 GB/s individual user experience, extremely low latency and quick response time.

Autonomous Driving 

Companies like Tesla, Google and Waymo are well-known names for crafting autonomous vehicles. The concept of

Autonomous Drivingdriverless car has its own share of excitement amongst people. Although at present, level 5 (completely autonomous) is yet to be realized. Functions like automatic braking, lane changing and automation of other car related systems are on its way for development. These will be streamlined using data capturing and analytics. Presently, Tesla only allows automation till level 2 (driving support required) or level 3 (operated by driver in an emergency).

Democratization of Technology 

As the term explains, it means an easy access of technological domain to everyone irrespective of their profession or

Democratization of Technology

place. As Gartner defines, it has 4 key areas of focus – application development, data & analytics, design and knowledge. This means one should be able to produce data without learning the skills of data related profession.

Personal Profiling 

With more and more people going digital, data integration has become an integral part of any system. This is a step

Personal Profiling

towards precise and accurate evaluation of digital footprints of people on various digital mediums. These can be social media, social profiles, images they post, places they check into and their overall interaction with technology. This can be utilized for providing customization for products and services. But the consent has to be primarily kept in mind while implementing it.

IoT and its practical implementation 

IoT has managed to intrigue for the longest time but the practical deployment was nowhere near. This year 2020,


will see mainstream applications anticipated with 5G. Along with it the process will take a number of connected devices. Thus, IoT has chances of becoming mainstream.

Recently, Amazon has launched AmazonGo, a system which allows to shop without a manual checkout. This is made possible using IoT and machine vision technologies. To scale IoT solutions, there are talks of using more sensors and machine vision technologies in the near future.

Printed Body Parts 

The 3D printing of body parts is the much anticipated tech trend of 2020. For which a technology upgradation is

Printed Body Parts

expected at a par level .This will open business for advanced prosthetic body parts through 3D printing. It has been reported in the news about a 3D printed ear. The ear can hear radio frequencies beyond the human range of audibility in a sound spectrum.

Edge Computing 

2020 will see a higher demand for an edge computing processing model, with a growing need to infer more data and

Edge Computing

an immediate decision making. This reduces the need for sending data to the cloud, better sensors and large AI models are now enabled to host new applications. 

Edge computing brings data storage and computation closer to the target.Thereby reducing processing time and saving bandwidth.This accelerates response time and keeps traffic local. High performing AI chips (known as neuromorphic or brain chips) will be implemented. These chips can mimic the structure of brain and process AI algorithm.

Human Augmentation 

Using technology to improve upon a person’s cognitive and physical experience. This is said to enhance human’s

Human Augmentation

thinking and decision capabilities. As once, implanted humans will be able to execute tasks which were earlier not possible. This will surely blur the lines between technology and biology. Even though, this strengthening is a positive growth but debates are being made over its significant ethical implications.

Quantum Computing 

With an increase in data , 2020 is expected to see a rush of quantum computing. A method of computation is used

Quantum Computing

which encodes data into bits. That is represented in one, zero and combination of two. This will allow to handle big data for cancer treatment, nuclear energy control and DNA analysis. This will bring a major force of change in the healthcare and energy sector. And will promote the commercialization of Quantum Computing on a mass scale. The Quantum Computing technology will be propagated and supplemented with platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) by mid 2020.

Predicting health at genome level 

The genome analysis is the most sought after science to analyze health under preventive healthcare. This much

Genome Analysis

celebrated digital medical innovation is implemented to learn of diseases and provide preventive measures.The evolution of AI will improve the quality of treatment and medical images of MRI, CT Scan and X-Rays that will analysed using AI technology.


As these top 10 technologies and innovations for 2020 will be a present to mankind and will pave way to more improvements in the future. Humans with science are looking to collectively gather & process in day-to-day life with sophistication and never before offered solutions. Thus, it is speculated that these top 10 technologies and innovations will bring radical changes along with progressing the human race.


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