Truecaller introduces the new “Call Reason” feature

Caller-identification app Truecaller has announced the introduction of a ne value-added feature that will improve the experience of the user while receiving personal, business or urgent calls.

The best feature of Truecaller till now has been the ability to identify the unknown caller and now another feature has been added that allows the caller to include a reason for the call.

Truecaller said that they have seen tweets and messages from users telling them that they want to know why someone is calling. Now, they had made it happen. It takes up a small portion of the app and the feature would change the way people make and receive calls, just like the popular CallerID has did for Truecaller users everywhere around the world. The feature is not just for unknown callers, but also for friends and family and they can also use the ‘Call Reason’ to decide whether to answer or reject a call.

For example, if a user gets to see a message from a family member which says — “Please answer the call. There is an emergency”. It would help to make a faster decision to stop what the user is doing and if he or she is in a meeting, he or she will pick up the call.

In order to set up the call reason on Truecaller, users need to go to Settings > General > Call Reason for outgoing calls. In case of particular call only or on-demand, users need to go to Profile view > Call Reason.

Image Source : Just Android

If someone is a heavy or power user and wants to add Call Reason for all outgoing calls, they can enable the feature by going to Settings and can add up to three reasons.

After they enable this feature, they will get to see a Reason Picker before an outgoing call is made by Truecaller.

People who use Truecaller on Android would be able to see Call Reason for now. The feature is getting rolled out for users around the world on Truecaller (version 11.30) on Android.

The SMS schedule feature has also been introduced by Truecaller.

SMS can be scheduled by user by selecting the icon while messaging and choose the date and time. The message will be sent and users would be able to see it scheduled on the chat. The feature is at present available only for Android users.

Truecaller said that with the addition of new features for communication, Truecaller has a new vision for how this will enhance the communication of the user with businesses. From 2021, Truecaller Priority customers and verified businesses would be able to set a Call Reason when they will call customers. It would ensure better pick-up rates and relationships with users of Truecaller.