WhatsApp gets some new and interesting updates for Android


WhatsApp has started to roll out a new beta update for the app on Android. This new update will bring a couple of handy new features to the messaging app. The new update, version 2.18.159 will bring a new Media Visibility option that will now allow users to choose whether to show the app’s shared media in their phone’s gallery. It has also added a shortcut to create new contacts and groups. This feature is similar to the feature found on the iOS version of the app.

More about new updates for WhatsApp:

According to a recent report this new Media Visibility feature allows users to choose if they want their shared media displayed in the phone’s gallery. The new Media Visibility option can be found in the app’s settings. This option is available within the Data and Storage Usage section.

The second addition in the latest beta update will bring a shortcut to create new contacts. The new shortcuts will be available by clicking the new message button in the bottom right corner. As previous the app just showed a New group option. Previously the new contact option was displayed as an icon next to search. Now with the latest update, the New contact option will be available right below the New group option.

However, it is worth noting that this feature is currently not available for all WhatsApp beta users. Also according to some reports even on the devices which had the feature, it does not seems to work. On some devices with the feature, even after un-checking the Media Visibility option, the shared WhatsApp media was still displaying in user’s device’s gallery. So, it seems that the feature is still currently in testing. So users can expect that the feature starts working in a subsequent update.


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