WhatsApp rolling out new group features to give admins more control over members


At the beginning of May, in a beta release for the Android app, WhatsApp added some new features related to group conversations. Now, these features coupled with some others are now rolling out to everyone in the stable channel. These updates mainly include expanded and improved admin controls, group catch-up, and participant search. According to a blog post by the company, the inclusion of a group description field is also new. However, according to many other reports, this feature has been available for quite a while. According to the company, the new features will be available on Android and iOS smartphones from now. It has mainly announced four important changes related to the Groups feature.

New features in WhatsApp

With new updates, those users with admin rights can now also select users who they want to be able to change the subject, icon, and description of the group. Moreover, now group admins can also remove admin permission from others. Other admin can now also be removed without removing them from the group. Now even the group creators can be ejected from their group.

Whenever any user is not able to see their WhatsApp group for some time, they sometimes get a lot of messages. Now if a user returns to a group chat with a fair amount of messages, a new @ button will be floating in the bottom right corner of the chat. This new @ button will show all the important mentions or replies to the user. It will help user as they don’t need to sift through everything to get to something important. Now searching for a participant in any group has also been improved. On the group info screen, there will be a new search function. It will be handy for groups with a large number of members.


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