Windows 10 Insider Preview confirms SwiftKey coming to PC

Windows 10
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The latest Redstone 5 Insider Preview build (version 17692) of Windows 10 has started to roll out now. The update is currently rolling out for Fast Ring and Stay Ahead users. The update will bring with it a bunch of improvements. But the main highlight of the update is the SwiftKey keyboard, that Microsoft is bringing to the Windows.

In an announcement through its official blog post, Microsoft has now decided to replace its old Window 10 touchscreen keyboard with more accurate SwiftKey keyboard. SwiftKey is also one of the most popular keyboard apps for Android and iOS devices.

About SwiftKey Touch Keyboard:

The new SwiftKey keyboard is available to Fast and Stay Ahead users for testing to the Windows. In a blog post, Windows Insider chief said SwiftKey gives users more accurate auto-corrections and predictions by learning their writing style – including the words, phrases, and emoji that matter to the users. Currently, SwiftKey keyboard comes with the support of 7 different languages. Currently the keyboard supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. The keyboard understands and learns the user’s writing styles in any of the 7 languages. SwiftKey then uses the learnt writing style to improve its next word predictions.

More about new updates for Windows 10 Insider Preview:

Apart from the SwiftKey introduction, Microsoft has also made some other changes in the new Insider Preview too. Now users will see a new and improved Game Bar. The new Game Bar allows users to see the CPU usage, GPU VRAM usage and also the system RAM used during the overlay. This will also include a new volume control that will allow users to adjust the volume of all audio output devices.


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