Xiaomi Redmi K20 to start receiving Android 10 update from October: Report

Google has launched its Android 10 and the company will also release the source code for the new update to AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

The company at the time of rolling out the update to Google Pixel device has already announced the major changes that Android 10 will have.

However, a number of smartphone makers companies like OnePlus, and Xiaomi has also rolled out Android 10-based Beta builds for their devices.

Xiaomi rolled out a beta version of its Android 10-based MIUI 10 to its Xiaomi Redmi K20 devices.

The update will roll out in October, the Android 10 is very significant for the development of Xiaomi.

It is worth recalling that some part of the internet thought that Xiaomi is rolling out the stable version. However, the initial batch of users installing the update confirmed that it was a beta version. Almost a week after the beta roll-out, Xiaomi has revealed some information about its upcoming upgrade.

According to AusDroid, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will roll out the Android 10 upgrade for Redmi K20 next month.

The report has given detail about the Android 10 upgrade for Xiaomi Mi 9T. The Xiaomi Mi 9T is the rebranded version of the Xiaomi Redmi K20 available in the international market.

This is because Android smartphone makers are infamous for their delay in rolling out the latest software upgrades. However, this improvement is likely the result of improvements that Google made in recent Android releases.


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