YouTube TV starts rolling out ‘Voice Remote’ feature for some users

youtube voice remote

YouTube TV and Google Home have worked together to give you voice control over your live TV since last October. Now, the service is starting to roll out and test a voice-powered remote feature in its mobile app.

What is voice remote feature?

The “voice remote” functionality will allow you to control YouTube TV through voice commands. For example, you can use your voice to change channels, play a particular channel, perform forward and rewind operations as well as adjust volume. The company pushed out an update to its YouTube TV mobile app, offering only a general note in its changelog. Some users have spotted a new feature, though, called Voice Remote that does exactly what its name implies. Upon launch, the app offers a pop-up saying “Introducing voice remote.”

To use this feature, the user must give the app access to their device’s microphone. After doing that, a red microphone button appears that the user pushes to issue voice commands directly from their handset.

Since this is a server-side update, you’ll be notified when “voice remote” becomes available on your Android device. As of now, it seems to be a limited rollout, with users on both Android and iOS platform reporting the arrival of ‘voice remote’ in their YouTube TV apps. We expect the process to speed up in near future.


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