80% women in low and middle income countries use mobile reveals GSMA study.

Mobile Data

A new GSMA study revealed that as many as 80% of the women in low and middle income countries use mobile phone and 48% of them use mobile data services. However, the study also highlighted the other side of the picture which is that women are 10% less likely to use mobile than men.

In context of mobile data, situation is dismal with women 23% less likely than men to use mobile internet.

The Study also indexed to the fact that if this gender gap is narrowed than in the next five years this could generate about $140 million extra revenue in telecom industry.

The worst performer nations among the low and middle income countries were South Asian countries with 28% less women using mobile as compared to men and less than half of women are likely to use mobile internet as compared to men.

“We are seeing significantly increased mobile access for women, however in an increasingly connected world, women are still being left behind,” said Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA.

“While mobile connectivity is spreading quickly, it is not spreading equally. Unequal access to mobile technology threatens to exacerbate the inequalities women already experience,” he added.

As per the study, major reason behind this gender disparity is lack of digital skill, low affordability and low literacy rate were among the major reasons.


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