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Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar Almost Hits 300 With Just 7 Days Of Its...

Aamir Khan is known for his diversity and his versatility that he brings in every new movie he makes, which clearly is a treat...
Advait Chandan says that Secret Superstar is a dream response!

Advait Chandan : ‘Secret Superstar’ is dream response!

An Indian film director Advait Chandan says that his recently released movie Secret Superstar's response is like a dream.
Aamir Khan contributed to post-production of 'Secret Superstar'!

Aamir Khan contributed to post-production of ‘Secret Superstar’

An Indian actor and a producer Aamir Khan helped to wrap up the post-production of his upcoming musical drama movie titled 'Secret Superstar'.
Aamir Khan reveals one of his 'toughest roles'!

Aamir Khan terms his role in ‘Secret Superstar’ toughest!

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan says that he has done one of the toughest roles in his upcoming movie 'Secret Superstar'.
Thid poster of Aamir Khan's upcoming movie Secret superstar released!

Third poster of ‘Secret Superstar’ released!

Aamir Khan released the third poster for his upcoming movie titled 'Secret Superstar', directed by Advait Chandan.
Watch Secret Superstar song Meri Pyaari Ammi: To mother, with love!

Secret Superstar’s new song ‘Meri Pyaari Ammi’ released!

Aamir Khan released the new song 'Meri Pyaari Ammi' from his upcoming movie titled 'Secret Superstar', directed by Advait Chandan.
Aamir impressed by Zaira Wasim's perfectionism!

Aamir Khan impressed by Zaira’s perfectionism!

Actor Aamir Khan is very much impressed with the young actress Zaira Wasim's perfection for her onscreen character.
Secret Superstar first song, Main Kaun Hoon: 16yr old Meghna croons for Zaira Wasim!

Secret Superstar first song ‘Main Kaun Hoon’ released!

Today, Aamir Khan released the first song 'Main Kaun Hoon' for his upcoming movie titled 'Secret Superstar'.
Aamir introduces 'secret singer' of 'Secret Superstar'!

Aamir Khan introduces ‘secret singer’ of ‘Secret Superstar’!

Aamir Khan says that it would not be possible for the team to make the film without Meghna's unique and soulful voice.
'Secret Superstar' has many secret superstars: Aamir Khan!

Aamir Khan : ‘Secret Superstar’ has many secret superstars!

Aamir is producing his upcoming movie 'Secret Superstar' under his own production house says that the film has a lot of secret superstars.