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Modi’s security on high-alert; ministers, bureaucrats to clear SPG check to...

With the upcoming elections in 2019, the threat to the national political leaders is at stake. Much has been speculated by the Ministry of...

Learn from the Dokhlam issue : Chinese Foreign Minister tell India

Chinese State Councilor in a statement said that India should learn a lesson from Dokhlam dispute & refrain from such activities in future. 
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China says India out of Doklam, government denies

India is not ready to pull back its army from Doklam. Around 300-350 Indian troops, continue to maintain their nonaggressive vigil.
deepening ties between India and the US

US officials reiterate commitment to deepen bilateral ties

Trump and Modi's commitment to expand and deepen the strategic partnership between the two countries have been recapitulated by US officials.
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Will not allow anyone to split China : Xi Jinping

The bilateral meeting between India's Nation Security Advisor, Ajit Doval and Chinese officials did not yield any results.

BRICS NSAs meet to discuss cooperation in counter-terrorism

Doval and Yang, who are special representatives of India-China border, held a separate meeting to discuss bilateral issues.

Ajit Doval to attend BRICS NSAs meeting in China

Ajit Doval will attend BRICS meeting in China and is expected to talk about the Sikkim stand-off with the Chinese State Councillor.

PM Narendra Modi heads to Hamburg for G-20 meet

After his three-day tour to Israel, PM Modi will attend a G-20 summit in Hamburg followed by an informal meeting with PM Xi Jinping.