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Casual Dining @ Alfredo’s Andheri

Bindiya Chotrani walks into Alfredos at Andheri wondering if this one is going to be a letdown when compared to the one at Juhu.

A Package Deal – Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Bindiya Chotrani asks you to walk into Dinshaws Xpress Café, a café that has an outlet in Versova and another in Oshiwara, for a simple yet delectable meal.

In Conversation with celebrity Chef Saransh Goila

Bindiya Chotrani in conversation with India's youngest Celebrity Chef and Limca Book of records holder Saransh Goila about his love for contemporary Indian food

Leap in @ Leaping Windows, Versova

Bindiya Chotrani walks into Leaping Windows and discovers a double whammy.

Best places for Tea Conversations in Mumbai

Bindiya Chotrani makes the most of the season and lists down a few places that give you the best afternoon pick-me-up.

Best places in Mumbai for an affordable booze

When wanting to ‘chill’ with mates what’s better than some ‘daroo’ to do you company. But it pays to get drunk when you have inflated alcohol bills instead of inflated beer bellies. Afterall nothing can kill the high like an exorbitant alcohol bill. Bindiya Chotrani empathises and lists down a few dives that could probably be dubbed as ‘humble-venues-for-daily-drunken-behaviour’. Time to opt for bar crawling over club hopping.

In conversation with Chef Harsha

Bindiya Chotrani in conversation with Harsha Sabhnani over some Thai Patrani Macchi.

Go Goa…. Portuguesa!

Bindiya Chotrani visits a food haven that recreates the magic of the coastal palette - Goa, complete with horns and guitars, right in the midst of Mumbai.