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News, updates, rumours, analysis, opinions about one of the biggest mergers in Indian eCommerce. Flipkart is reportedly valuing snapdeal at $1 Billion

snapdeal kunal bahl

Snapdeal employees protesting against the company and founders

Snapdeal have written a letter in protest against the founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, and recent decisions of the company. Its copy has also been sent to Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Axis Bank MD, among others.
flipkart snapdeal merger

Snapdeal to run independently, won’t sell to Flipkart

Snapdeal-Flipkart merger, which was expected to go ahead after board's approval, has now been called off. In a contrast turn of events, the struggling eCommerce entity will now run on its own.
flipkart snapdeal merger

Snapdeal’s acquisition deal with Flipkart in trouble, may be called off

The deal of Snapdeal's acquisition of Flipkart, which was approved by the board last week, is reportedly in trouble as the founders are pushing to run the company independently.
flipkart snapdeal merger

Snapdeal board approves Flipkart’s acquisition offer – Report

Struggling e-commerce company Snapdeal's board has reportedly accepted ₹6100 crore ($950 million) acquisition offer from Flipkart. Its earlier offer of ₹5500 crore was reject by the board.
flipkart snapdeal merger

Snapdeal shareholders divided over the company’s future

E-commerce startup Snapdeal, which is currently in talks for its acquisition, is reportedly divided between two offers - Flipkart and Infibeam. There's also a possibility of Snapdeal continuing as an independent entity.
flipkart snapdeal merger

Flipkart offers revised price of ₹6100 crores to buy Snapdeal

Flipkart has extended a revised buyout offer of ₹6100 crore to Snapdeal. The board is reportedly evaluating the offer currently.
flipkart snapdeal merger

Snapdeal rejects ₹5500 Crore Offer from Flipkart

Snapdeal has rejected an initial buyout offer worth ₹5500 made by Flipkart. The company is in talks to sell its assets to raise immediate cash.

Nitin Seth quits Flipkart citing personal reasons

Nitin Seth, chief operating officer at Flipkart, has submitted his resignation from the post citing personal reasons. He had joined the group in January 2016
snapdeal kunal bahl

Former snapdeal employees suspect fair ESOP distribution, file petition

Former employees of Snapdeal have filed a petition asking for the clarity over their ESOPs under the new structure.