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iOS 11 – ‘Get the Wi-Fi password with just a Tap!’

Apple's iOS 11 has been continuously adding new features to his upates, this time with the Wifi password. Earlier, we all need to remember...

Apple ends long term relationship with Microsoft

Google now replaces the default search engine Microsoft to Google. This gives a huge lead to Google, as it gains 75 million users.

iOS 11 control won’t turn off WiFi or Bluetooth completely

The re-designed control centre on iOS 11 now features WiFi and Bluetooth toggle. However, it won't completely turn off the networks.

iOS 11 : List of Top 10 best features for iPhone...

iOS 11 is now available to eligible iPhone and iPads as a free update. The iOS 11 adds features like file and AR with the new app store.

iPad Pro + iOS 11 = Powerful and portable workstation

Here are the 6 things that can be done using iPad Pro + iOS 11 + Apple pencil. Now you can use your iPad just like your Mac.