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5 Easy Treks In Himachal For Solo Trekkers

Nag Tibba

So, you want to go into the wilderness but solo this time? That’s great! Everyone is entitled to some one on one time with nature. There are a few easy treks in Himachal Pradesh for solo trekkers where they can rendezvous with nature and unfold the surprises the Himalayas have in store for them. However, due to the raw and wild nature of these treks, especially if you are an amateur and inexperienced it is wise to take a mountain guide with you on these trails who will help you avert the dangers unknown.

If you are struggling with which trail to take, here are a few options for you to consider so that you can have an amazing date with nature and mountains.

Hampta Pass Trek

One of the most beautiful and desirable treks in Himachal for solo trekkers is the Hampta Pass Trek near Manali. In fact, solo or not, you should just do this trek for its sheer beauty and dramatic change in landscapes. You begin your trek from the lush green forests of Kullu valley in Himachal Pradesh and magically appear in Spiti, a barren landscape which is absolutely charming. Talk about the Hampta Pass trail. You will not only be traversing through the luxuriant forests and sprawling meadows but also climbing boulders and crossing wild rivers along and experience a complete contrast in cultures as well. It is fairly challenging for a first-timer but it will teach you a lot of techniques about trekking and mountaineering. The trail of Hampta Pass is marked, yet it is advisable to take a guide along with you on the trek for the ultimate experience.

Max. Altitude: 4,270 m

Number of days: 5 Days

Trekking Distance: 40 km

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Another one in the leagues of easy treks in Himachal for solo trekkers is the Bhrigu Lake Trek. Its easy accessibility and short duration are the facts you can do this trek solo. Just hop on a bus from Delhi to Manali and begin your trek the next morning from Gulaba, the starting point. Consider this. Since it is at an impressive height that you would be conquering in a mere two days, there is a lot of climbing involved. The trail is marked properly. Taking you through pristine meadows, to a significant height where the sacred Bhrigu Lake is located with clouds hovering around, it is such a mystical setting, to say the least. However, if you are going in the early season of May and June, you will find a lot of snow after Rola Khuli. Make sure you carry proper gear like gaiters, ropes, ice ax, etc. for your own safety. Bhrigu Lake Trek is meant for beginners who wish to peek into the world of trekking.

Max. Altitude: 4,300 m

Number of days: 3 Days

Trekking Distance: 29 km

Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek is one of those easy, accessible treks whenever you are in a mood to get close to nature. Experienced trekkers consider it a walk in the park. That does not mean it is a cake walk. First-timers will have their share of challenges and adventures on this trek. There is nothing compared to an experience of trekking to a serene lake. The water falling into the Beas Lake with the Beas glacier right in front of it paints a beautiful picture. One can easily do this trek on their own with the trails well marked. So, you can just follow the beaten path. However, you should be a bit careful while crossing the river streams. One of the most amazing things about this trek is its campsite of Bakar Thach, where you are surrounded by several revered Himalayan peaks like the Seven sisters Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, and more. It is like an amphitheater of majestic views, something you will cherish forever.

Max. Altitude: 3,700 m

Number of days: 3 days

Trekking Distance: 32 km

Ghepan Ghat Trek

Well, Ghepan Ghat is a moderate trek but does that mean you cannot do it solo? You can, buddy! Just take a guide along with you unless you want to get lost in the wilderness because this trail is still unknown. Its mystery and offbeat nature are what excite people to do this trek in the first place. The second thing is the bewildering beauty of Ghepan Lake on an altitude of 4,140 meters. Your first rendezvous with the lake and its surrounding is going to be no less than a remarkable event of your life. The trek begins from the village of Sissu on the Manali-Leh highway where you are met with friendly shepherds, vibrant wildflowers, and snow-capped mountains. The neon-blue color with icebergs from the glacier floating on it is a sight to behold.

Max. Altitude: 4,140 m

Number of days: 5 days

Trekking Distance: 28 km

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

One of the most beautiful treks near Manali, the Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek is all about kicking it up a notch. Once you have done this trek, that too solo, you will have something remarkable in your kitty. The experience that you will gain in Deo Tibba Base Camp trek will come in handy in more difficult treks. So, if you want to graduate from easy to a moderate level, you should definitely put this one on your list. The increasing elevation along with boulders and moraines fields will test your patience and endurance. Oh! But when you reach the culmination point, where Deo Tibba and Mini-Chandratal lake lie in their glory, you will be super thrilled. The campsites of Seri and Tainta are equally amazing too. 

Max. Altitude: 4,480 m

Number of days: 6 days

Trekking Distance: 37 km

If you wish to plan your first solo trek in Himachal Pradesh, then this list will take you to some of the most adventurous and breathtaking places you can ever imagine while lighting up your solo trekking wishes. So, why wait? Trek your way to paradise.

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