7 Must Visit beaches in Caribbean

When discussing the Caribbean and the best beaches out there, it sure is not easy. After all, how can one possibly pick the best one when each of those beaches is simply the most beautiful out there? Every inch of that sand-covered palm tree-flanked stretch is like a paradise. The powdery white beaches, hot sunshine, and the gentle waves are the ultimate choice for any beach lovers. And, Caribbean boast of some of the most stunning beaches out there! Just stay at one of those beachfront Caribbean villas and head towards just about anywhere in the Caribbean towards the ocean. Enjoy the ultimate in luxury of these locations, the simplicity of the sand and the gentle warm waters. Caribbean beaches are just wonderful for a beach junkie and sun worshippers.

  1. Anguilla beach
    One the favorite is the stunning Anguilla beach that carries both style and privacy. Once a secret hideaway, today the beach is dotted with private bars and resorts. It is the first choice among Hollywood starlets as well as honeymooners. There is an overall laid-back charm on the beautiful beaches that are open to the public. The pearly-white Shoal Bay with turquoise waters is the most popular. It is like walking into a fine piece of art, and one will get a truly unforgettable experience. There is even an easy little trail hike which is uncrowded and opens to cliffs and marine life.
  2. Crane Beach
    Crane Beach on Barbados Island, is indeed special and distinctive because of its fun-loving culture and natural beauty. The sandy beaches are made of fine, soft sand because of the pulverized coral and are surrounded by cliffs Barbados is a coral island and just off the coast, one finds dozens of snorkelers and scuba divers diving down to explore the beautiful and colorful coral reefs. The Crane Beach is famous for its great waves and thus creating perfect conditions for surfing. However, only strong swimmers can brace the rough waters. Enjoy the powder-soft sand at your feet and feel the tropical breeze against your skin under the golden Caribbean sun.
  3. Eagle Beach
    At Eagle beach, you will find that the beach is simply perfect for swimming. You can relax at just about anywhere along those miles and miles of clean shores and blues tranquil waters. The wide stretch of powdery sand contrast softy with the gentle surf. The beach is quieter and is free to the public. It has fast become an ultimate getaway for so many people and has become a special place for them. There is ample parking as well as shaded areas, on the Eagle Beach. There are beach huts as well as a variety of water sports. Do not forget to click the fofoti trees in Eagle Beach that carry highly recognizable features and are most renowned trees in Aruba.
  4. Horseshoe Bay
    Famous as the pink-sand beaches of Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay boasts of some of the loveliest seaside retreats. Relax on those wide stretches of the pastel pink sand that contrasts beautifully with the clear blue waters lapping at the shore. There are plenty of facilities on -mile-long island, such as equipment rental and lifeguards. Horseshoe Bay is known as the second best beach in the Caribbean. It is a great spot for a romantic walk. The pink sand is breathtaking, and the views around are stunning.  And if you happen to be here during Easter, you can enjoy looking at the beautiful handmade Bermudian kites soaring high in the sky on Good Friday. It is also the most photographed beach in Bermuda.
  5. Nassau, Bahamas
    Nassau’s beaches are indeed lovely and make for a spectacular diving experience as the visibility extends to more than 100 feet. It is indeed a unique experience to enter the Blue Hole that is about 100 feet wide and 200 feet deep. Full of large schools of fish, it is a must to dive into the Blue Hole. Explore Trinity and Piece of Cake caves with large openings and home to some large lobsters. You will also come across countless shipwrecks along the reefs and surround the islands. Nassau’s beaches indeed offer a very exciting underwater adventure. Known among the finest beaches in the world, Nassau Beach makes for an enjoyable experience for the whole family.
  6. Harrismith Beach
    Harrismith Beach in Barbados is indeed a sandy paradise. The beach is one of the more developed beaches and can be accessed with a flight of stone steps. Climb up to reach the ruins of an old plantation house at the cliff top. Later you can climb down to the beach and enjoy a picnic or look for shells or simply read your favorite book. Towards the south lies the more popular Bottom Bay. The reef protects the shallow lagoon of the beach, and it indeed makes for a nice dip.

Virgin Gorda
The British Virgin Islands are a group of smaller islands, and each of those carries a special topography and vibe, thus making for special beaches. Virgin Gorda, the largest island is filled with popular tourist spot. It offers great beaches that make for a perfect outdoor day and great sailing. There is a unique national park towards the southwest coast, and gigantic granite boulders frame the beaches here. Just pack some picnic stuff, waterproof camera, and snorkel as there are plenty of caves and grottos to explore. It is indeed a perfect area for exploring and having fun parties


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