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Avoid burnout when visiting Europe for the first time

If you’re reading this then you’re probably planning your first trip to Europe. It can be said that it’s the trip of a lifetime, because you are flying to another continent and you will experience a new culture and get in touch new people. What’s the best piece of advice we can offer you? Take time to absorb the places you visit, it is understandable that you want to check all the major touristic attractions on your list, but if you will spend your vacation on a hurry you will come back home remembering very little of your trip. 

Burnout is one of the greatest dangers when you travel at speed and you should do your best to avoid it. Here are our recommendations. 

Spend a few nights in every major city you visit

If you plan to visit Berlin, Barcelona, London, Paris or other major cities then you should book your hotel for at least four nights if you want to have a good feel of the vibe of the place. If you plan to visit some smaller cities then you can cut down the time and spend only two nights, but when it comes to large cities, they need time to be fully explored. 

Do not get stuck in a train

The greatest mistake you can make when planning an extended trip to Europe is to underestimate the travel time and spend most of your vacation in a plane or train. It takes time to travel from a major city to another, and you should take into considerations the possible delays in transportation. Do not try to visit 10 cities on a two-week trip, you will see nothing else but the airport and train station. If you will travel less, you will save money on transportation and you’ll be able to afford to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones. 

You need some peaceful moments

If you are planning to visit multiple cities during a single trip there are two things you have to check. First, you have to see if you need a visa when arriving at your destination, because this implies getting an invitation letter for visiting. You will have to prove that you are a tourist, and you can do it by having an invitation letter or by showing proof of your plane ticket and accommodation booking. Second, you will have to put on your list some peaceful destinations because you will need to recharge your batteries. Plan to spend some days in the mountains, bring a bottle of wine and enjoy a picnic outdoors. 

Pick a single region

Europe may not be as big as Asia but it’s still too big to try to visit all its major cities in a single trip. It doesn’t go anywhere; you’ll go back and you’ll have time to visit the things you skip during this vacation. Instead of going from Moscow, to London, Barcelona, Prague, and Sofia, you should choose a region and check its major touristic attractions. 

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