Cyclin’ Jaipur : Guided bicycle tours in Pink City


Last year, as they were travelling through Rajasthan, they fell in love with our beloved city. During a walking tour deep in the small streets of the walled city, they realised Jaipur’s essence didn’t lie only in its beautiful monuments but also in its vivid street life. After discovering by walk its various artisans at work, markets, stunning havelis and numerous temples, they decided to keep on exploring by cycle all its hidden paths. Fun and eco-friendly, cycling around allowed them to cover long distance in a short space of time and get direct contact with the inhabitants, the idea was born.

More than just a classic tour of Jaipur they offer tourists as well as locals the chance to get off the beaten track and feel the pulse of real Jaipur.

Did you know that cycling was a hit in European cities? It’s almost a way of life and Governments promote its use to lower pollution and make their cities more enjoyable for everyone.

This is also what Ophelie and Eleonore would love to encourage with their initiative and they are in touch with associations to join hands towards a clean and greener city. If the call for a “Clean India” from our Prime Minister found somehow an echo with foreigners settled here, we hope it will lead to changes in the Pink city.

If you want to (re)discover your city with them, they propose 3 different tours and provide cycles, helmets, bottle of water and some food tastings all along the way.